The Freedom-Seeking Women of Saudi Arabia

From the moment of her birth to the day she dies a Saudi woman is considered a permanent legal minor. As a legal minor, she has restrictions set by a male guardian. She needs his permission to travel, marry, work, get health care, even be released from prison. Some families are even more restrictive.

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New Generation of Saudis - Through the Looking Glass of Social Media

Homeland of the Arab people and of Islam, Saudi Arabia proudly claims it has the world’s strictest religious and social conservatism.

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Suffragettes March To Freedom

This summer has been a birth of freedom and empowerment for Saudi women.For the first time in history, Saudi suffragettes were allowed to register to vote and run for election.

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Hajj and Saudi Global Day of Prayer

Young Khaled tried to focus on his prayer to Allah. He wanted to be prepared for the prayers he would pray on the Hajj, three very special days.

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Saudi Women Empowered by Royal Family

The sun has begun to rise upon the daughters of Saudi Arabia. In an unprecedented political move, Saudi Arabia’s Prince al-Waleed bin Talal announced on July 1 a massive financial donation for the empowerment of women.

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